Last year’s selected title was The Humans by Matt Haig. It was an overwhelming success of a choice, with feedback from students, staff and the local community letting us know just how much they enjoyed it.

Matt also joined us for two author events which both received a great and varied turnout as well as visiting local homeless shelter, Joel Community Project, where he also spoke with their gusts about the book, his work and their own experiences.

"I'm incredibly happy that The Humans has been chosen for the KU Big Read. It's such an honour to be part of such an initiative - I'd have loved the idea when I was at uni. Am thrilled."
Matt Haig

The Humans by Matt Haig

The Humans by Matt Haig

Set in Cambridge, The Humans is a love story, a murder story and a ‘what-are-we-here-for?’ story. It looks at the fundamentals of human existence from an alien perspective: as this story develops, so the narrator and his narration change. Much of the first half of the novel is taken up by his puzzled analyses of primitive human ways but as his emotional attachment grows so too do his reflections on the odd appeal of our short and brutish lives, and especially on our gift for love.

About Matt Haig

Matt is an English novelist most well-known for his young-adult and speculative fiction titles. Over the last year, his autobiographical title Reasons to Stay Alive has received much critical acclaim and drawn much-needed attention to the issue of mental health in men and boys.

"The Humans is a beautiful novel exploring love and what it is to be human, from the perspective of an alien new to Earth. It is funny, quirky, a little bit gory and immensely clever."
Dr Alison Baverstock

"Matt Haig's The Humans is one of the most memorable and enjoyable books we have published in recent years and to have it selected as Kingston University's Big Read is both an honour and tremendously exciting. The fact that this ground-breaking initiative is being extended to Napier this September makes it doubly thrilling that The Humans will be profiled in this way."
Jamie Byng, CEO, Canongate

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Matt Haig receives honorary degree

Twenty years on from graduating with his first degree, best-selling author and newly awarded Honorary Doctor of Arts Matt Haig has given Kingston University graduates a list of 20 essential points of advice at their graduation ceremony. See full speech below or on Facebook.

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